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Thermoforming Tooling

Stacked metal components on a wooden table

Custom Solutions

Tek Pak provides machining, thermoform tool design, tool fabrication, as well as tool testing for high-performance products and packaging. Our team collaborates with customers to design and build tools based on their specific requirements, whether that is a single cavity prototype tool or a multi-cavity high-performance production tool. Features found in our high-performance production tools include water-cooled cavities, moving plug assist, air-actuated temperature-controlled strippers and sheet clamps, as well as end-of-machine automation and stacking. We are experts at providing custom solutions that quickly resolve our customers’ production and packaging challenges.

Beyond Machining

Tek Pak is not just a standard tool shop, we offer services beyond machining. Tek Pak offers support in product and packaging design, tool design, fabrication and tool testing.

Tek Pak’s experienced team will work with you to design and build tools based on your requirement, whether that is a single cavity prototype tool or a multi-cavity high-performance production tool.

Close up of a CNC machine dousing a metal alloy with EDM fluid

The Best Features

Features found in high-performance production tools.

  • Water-cooled cavities
  • Moving plug assist
  • Air actuated temperature-controlled strippers
  • Individual air actuated sheet clamps
  • End of machine automation/stacking
Water cooled tool rack for CNC machined components and tools

Thermoforming Tooling FAQs

Thermoforming office space with various computers and machines

Expert Engineers

Our talented engineers will design any component for your equipment.

  • Master tooling/quick-change systems
  • Interchangeable family tooling
  • Complete custom tools
    • Pressure boxes
    • Mold plates and cooling plates
    • Trim platen tools
Close up of engineer working with metal components
VF5 thermoforming machine
Blue liquid is being sprayed under a drill bit
Two yellow coils branching off of a drill press shaping a metal component

Unmatched Versatility

Our versatile tool shop can handle micromachined components all the way up to 60” long X 40” wide X 20” deep.

Tek Pak uses an array of plug assist products to enhance the forming process based on the type of material to be formed. During the design process, we will help you select the correct material to meet your needs.

CNC machine cutting a glass tool with ultra-precision

Mold Coatings

Tek Pak offers a variety of coatings for our molds:

  • Nickleon
    • Hard coat with Teflon for better part forming and ejection and mold protection.
  • Teflon
    • Aid in-forming and injection.
  • Anodizing
    • Mold protection.
Metal coatings lined up next to each other on a table


Want to Talk?

Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer your technical questions, provide quotes, and coordinate your designs with our engineering staff. Please call us at: (630) 406-0560, or if you like please fill out the form on this page.