Tek Pak gives you the choice of selecting the ideal reel size for your component by offering TEKSNAP reels in 13" (330mm), 15" (381mm) and 22" (558mm) diameters. The 15" reel is perfect for those situations where you need to get more components onto a reel (up to 37% more (without altering your production line because it fits onto standard SMT equipment. And for those especially difficult application, 22" TEKSNAP reels can allow you to fit up to 300% more components onto one reel.
TEKSNAP reels are injection molded from high-impact polystyrene with anti-static additives and are compliant with EIA-481 series standards. All TEKSNAP cores have a scroll hub start feature and EIA-481 standard 13mm diameter arbor holes with 1.5mm drive spokes.
Available in the following sizes: