C-Pak EZ Reels

Tek Pak is offering the latest reel design from C-Pak, known as the EZ reel. These reels are designed to reduce the total weight of the assembled reel with large labeling area to meet the varied label size needs. The C-Pak reels offer a 3-piece snap together design. The reel are easily assembled by hand and are shipped unassembled. The locking mechanism is by means of latches on the hub which will hold the flanges together. Besides ease of assembly, the lightweight design also gives significant savings in shipping costs. Simply join two pieces of the EZ flange with an EZ Hub of any width and you have a reel ready for immediate use. Tek Pak is currently stocking the 13" C-Pak, EZ Reel family reels.
wdt_ID Item # Reel Diameter Hub Diameter Hub Width
1 HB08-BLK 13 in 4 in 8 mm
2 HB12-BLK 13 in 4 in 12 mm
3 HB16-BLK 13 in 4 in 16 mm
4 HB24-BLK 13 in 4 in 24 mm
5 HB32-BLK 13 in 4 in 32 mm
6 HB44-BLK 13 in 4 in 44 mm
7 HB56-BLK 13 in 4 in 56 mm
8 FL13-BLK 13 in N/A N/A
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