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Carrier Tape Production

Tek Pak, Inc. has developed, designed, and built its own equipment for producing carrier tape. Our equipment includes both flat-bed and rotary molding technologies to accommodate the entire spectrum of carrier tape widths, pocket depths, and pocket geometries. Tek Pak, Inc. patented NITRO® forming technology is used for both the flat-bed and rotary forming machines. Our carrier tape lines are fitted with on-line vision inspection systems to ensure our carrier tapes are always within customer specifications and EIA standards.


Tek Pak, Inc. has 2 roll-fed production-level thermoforming presses and a variety of specialty thermoformers for precision thermoforming.

Formech 300QX (11"X17"X6" Forming Area)


Tek Pak, Inc. has several extrusion lines dedicated to the production of rollstock for the production of carrier tape. By having control over the extrusion conditions of the base carrier tape material, Tek Pak, Inc. can ensure consistency in the finished carrier tape product.

Toolroom Machine List

8 Fadal CNC machining centers
1 Mikron Model HSM 800 Machining Center (42,000 RPM)
1 Fanuc Robocut a-0ic Wire EDM
1 Topedm Model TSH-3AA EDM drill
1 Okamoto Automatic Surface Grinder
1 Manual Surface Grinder
4 Bridgeport Mills with DRO
1 18" Clausing lathe
1 HAAS VF 8 CNC Macine (64"X40"X30")

Metrology Instruments

Acu-Gage Model AG12-3-LT4 CNC vision system
Starrett Model RGDC 2828-24 CMM with Renishaw PH10M Head

Analytical Equipment

TA Instruments DMA 2980 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
Instron Model 5543 Test Frame
Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer