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About Tek Pak, Inc.

Tek Pak Manufacturing Facility
Tek Pak Manufacturing Facility
Tek Pak R&D Facility
Tek Pak R&D Facility

Mission Statement

To provide thermoform solutions for our customers that gives them competitive advantages in their marketplaces through speed, quality and technology.

Tek Pak, Inc. Locations

Our main headquarters and manufacturing location is located in the far western suburbs of Chicago. We are near O'Hare International Airport, one of the world's finest transportation hubs, and we can ship products around the world without delay.

Contact Information for our US Sales Office:

Tek Pak, Inc.
1336 Paramount Parkway
Batavia, IL 60510-1461
Research and Development Facility
942 Equity Drive
St. Charles, IL, 60174
Phone: 630.406.0560
Fax: 630.406.0577
Email: info@tekpak.com

Contact Information for our European Sales Office in Orebro, Sweden

Tek Pak Inc., Europe
NetCity 22 Forskarvägen

Phone: +
Fax: +46.70.309.80-44
Email: euroinfo@tekpak.com

Contact Information for our San Jose, CA Sales Office

Tek Pak Inc., San Jose
1721 Rogers Avenue, Unit L
San Jose, CA 95112-1110

Phone: 408.930.5290
Fax: 408.452.1594
Email: info@tekpak.com

Contact Information for our Scottsdale, AZ warehouse

Tek Pak Inc., Scottsdale
7640 E Gelding Dr., Ste 100
Scottdale, AZ 85260

Phone: 262.244.0724
Fax: 262.244.1600
Email: info@tekpak.com

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Customer Service

Tek Pak is dedicated to providing superior service to its customers. Our objective is to deliver the items that you need quickly and as promised.

Our knowledgeable customer service staff will answer your technical questions, provide timely quotations, and coordinate your design needs with our engineering staff in a professional and courteous manner.

Design Capabilities

About Design Capabilities
About Design Capabilities

Tek Pak's goal of providing our customers width the most rapid solutions possible is symbolized by our relationship width the Dale Creasy, Jr. racing team (www.dalecreasyjr.com). Just like the Creasy team's goal of reaching the finish line first, Tek Pak strives to reach the finish line in record time for our customers with innovative thermoforming solutions.

Tek Pak uses three of the most powerful and popular CAD software packages available: Tek Pak's goal of providing our customers with the most rapid solutions possible is symbolized by our relationship with the Dale Creasy, Jr. racing team (www.dalecreasyjr.com).

  • Pro Engineer
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

Tek Pak's designers are degreed engineers who have continued to update their education in all three packages. As part of the quotation service, Tek Pak will design packaging (carrier tape, tray or clamshell) for your part from any type of information that you choose to provide. To give you the best service, we prefer one of the following:

  • Solid model file (e.g. IGES)
  • AutoCAD file (DWG or DXF)
  • An actual part
  • Blueprint

Having your part geometry and the functionality and material specifications for the package, Tek Pak will design the strongest package possible to protect your part and provide the functionality that you need. If you have a finalized package design, Tek Pak will design a tool to create that part exactly.

Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Tek Pak offers a full range of reverse engineering and 3D digitizing services for your parts that have incomplete or non-existent technical drawings. The creation of a three dimensional digital image, which is then transformed into a mathematical model of the surface, also allows Tek Pak to forward engineer your recreated part to improve its performance. Our services can take on a variety of forms depending on your industry and specific application - your imagination is the only limit!

We currently have the following contact measurement systems:

  • Starrett RGDC 2828-24
  • Renishaw Cyclone

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Tooling Capabilities

Tek Pak is ready to meet your design, prototype and production tooling needs with a modern, fully equipped, air-conditioned machine shop, staffed by professional artisans with decades of tool building and designing experience.

Tek Pak is equipped with the most modern Fadal machining centers, which work in tandem with the latest Dell workstations running Mastercam CNC software. Services range from the CNC machining of mold cavities to the fabrication of finished production molds. After Tek Pak builds a thermoform mold, sample quantities of the product can be formed with our 2 in-house prototyping thermoformers. Tek Pak also builds assists, cooling blocks, pressure boxes, jigs, and fixtures. We also sharpen hard tooling. Almost any tooling or machining operation can be performed at Tek Pak. A partial list of machines include:

  • 8 - Fadal CNC Machining Centers--22" x 16" to 60" x 30"
  • 1 - Mikron Model HSM 800 Machining Center (42,000 RPM)
  • 1 - Fanuc Robocut α-0ic Wire EDM
  • 1 - Topedm Model TSH-3AA EDM drill
  • 1 - Okamoto Automatic Surface Grinder
  • 1 - Manual Surface Grinder
  • 4 - Bridgeport Mills with DRO
  • 1 - Clausing lathe-18"

Quality Assurance Program

Tek Pak is committed to providing our customers with products as quickly as possible with quality that is unequaled in the industry.Inspection - Tek Pak's production inspection is a combination of on-line systems and manual inspections that are performed during production to ensure that all products shipped to our customers conform to their needs and specifications. All of our carrier tape production machinery contains a system of fiber optic sensors or a vision inspection system to verify the proper formation of and spacing of the product. In addition, every reel of product is sampled and manually inspected by production personnel to verify that critical dimensions conform to industry standards.

Daily quality control audits are done to ensure that we have the necessary working instructions, the most current drawings, and calibrated tools to ensure that nothing but the highest quality products leave our facility.

Tek Pak also has the capability of producing a Certificate of Conformance that is generated by our non-contact vision system at the request of our customers. This vision system is used to measure, in detail, specific attributes of products that are critical to its proper functioning in the field.

Staff Qualities

Our team members are all highly motivated. Tek Pak incorporates a flat organizational profile to insure that all employees have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the design and manufacturing processes. It is everyone's goal to be able to respond to customer's questions immediately. You will rarely get a 'Let me check on that and I'll get back to you.' This takes time; we understand the value of time.

Environmental Program

Tek Pak has implemented a comprehensive environmental program that includes waste minimization. We are working toward ISO 14000 compliance.

Recycling and source reduction are the fundamental principles of Tek Pak's waste minimization program. Tek Pak recycles all of its excess polymer, aluminum, steel, paper and cardboard. Our recycling efforts to date have resulted in a 30% reduction in landfill waste. We also produce a number of environmentally responsible, recyclable products, including Bio-Reels. Source reduction is achieved by improved equipment design that reduces set-up times and increases reliability, accuracy and throughput. This reduces the amount of wasted material and energy. Tek Pak is constantly searching for ways to improve efficiency.

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